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Recycling Liverpool

More Than Recycling Liverpool waste management has invested greatly over the years to generate a facility geared towards landfill diversion. All waste is segregated, recyclables expressed and residual waste processed further for energy functions. The end result is a high portion of your waste being recycled or reused.

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This part of our plant processes mostly dry, clean waste eg. From commercial assumptions or Local Council dry recyclable waste. Recycling rates are high given the kind of waste being managed, as well as the procedures used.

Building and demolition

Local waste management’s supply an all-inclusive set service and variety of containers for the removal of building and demolition waste.

From 4 yard to 16 yard open dumpsters and Roll on Roll off containers, together with help in completing site waste management strategies, we provide the complete solution for your building and demolition, waste management demands. Whether that be a little construct development or a significant building project spanning several years, we’ve got the gear and resources to fit your demands. We also possess the certification that all waste collected is returned to our website for sorting and segregation of stuff in order you could be sure you’re fulfilling your recycling goals. Our facilities enable us to recycle hardcore to create various levels of aggregates from top land to tarmac plainings.

We are committed to supplying the resources necessary to ensure the health and safety of our workers, customers, contractors as well as the communities in which we reside and work.

To be able to do this, we follow a group of principles:

  • Security is our top priority
  • All injuries and incidents are preventable
  • Every worker is accountable not only for their particular security, but the security of others around them

Local waste management’s can offer routine scheduled collections or ad hoc call off groups and exchanges accross the North West.

Inert stuff makes up the majority of building and demolition waste. Segregation of all recoverable substances helps maximise efficient usage of these bulk substances. Reducing pollution and enhancing quality enables the high grade program of inert waste materials.

Security bags and labels

Heavy duty polypropylene security bags provided with sequentially numbered seals. After use our bags and seals are recycled in an environmentally friendly way.

These containers are made with special features to supply simple set of sensitive files in the work place. The interlocking security system fixes the lid to the container to stop tampering, or removal of records. The reinforced lid has a paper slot deflector to keep a clean and organized set of files without needing to open the lid.

Before we dispatch any gear to gather stuff from a website, we work together with the customer to set up the character of the substance as well as the most suitable way of disposal.

Distinct substances are dealt with in various approaches to minimise their effect in the ecosystem. Our expertise ensures such substance is disposed of in the very best interests of both our customer as well as the Ecosystem.


Cardboard recycling Liverpool


To prevent cross contamination of waste streams (by way of example, spoiling dry recyclable materials including cardboard), Local waste management manages another processing system for wet building kind waste. Again substances are segregated, with recyclables including debris, wood, metals etc. expressed for reuse.

Although this waste doesn’t possess a worth with regard to recycling, it still has a calorific value and is thus acceptable as an energy source. It thus takes added processing to alter it into a Refuse Derived Fuel, and is diverted from landfill.


Private Waste

Local waste management offer an off site shredding service that is both protected and safe. All services are performed under the exacting standards and codes of practice of the United Kingdom Security Shredding Association.

Groups of private waste can be scheduled or ad hoc. The process of collection could be customized to the conditions of your organization, but generally our customers avail of both services below.





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