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IT recycling Liverpool

Two years back the small directive was introduced in Britain banning all industrial electronic and electric waste from disposed at landfill sites. This waste sort now accounts for approximately 1.7 million tonnes of Electric waste and encompasses the following items:


  • Computer Recycling (base units, servers, notebooks, desktop computers)
  • Playthings
  • Medical Devices
  • Power Tools
  • Vending Machines
  • White Goods (refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, dish washers)

The Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive was a company-duty Directive made to handle the quickest-raising waste flow in Europe.

It changes any company that makes, brands or imports electronic or electric equipment (EEE) in addition to companies that sell EEE or shop, treat or dismantle WEEE within the European Union.

The Directive:

  • Introduces demands to indicate EEE products with a ‘crossed out wheelie bin’ symbol
  • Sets goals for the quantity of WEEE to be collected individually from personal homes
  • Requires the UK to create and keep a register of EEE manufacturers
  • Makes providers and retailers in charge of making arrangements to take back WEEE free of charge in a convenient way for customers
  • Introduces recycling and recovery objectives for various types of WEEE
  • Rules for company users
  • WEEE has to be kept, collected, treated, recycled and disposed of separately from any other waste your company creates.

Let’s take your WEEE headaches away

Whether you’re losing twenty lots of repetitive electric squander or solitary product, we are able to assist you to through our substantial selection of options. We’ve created a variety of selection programs to fit your company requirements.

We run a navy of automobiles from 3.5 lot Luton container vehicles to 44t Trucks that are articulated.

Selection that is shed

2-man elevates for that elimination of free electric gear from workplace prevents in addition to a dismantling support regarding big electric gear such as for instance photocopiers or IT loading. This really is our support that is most widely used.

IT recycling Liverpool

Selection that is pallet

You shrink-wrap your materials and merely pallet and a fixed-price is uplifted to get by us

Mass selection that is Artic

In case your quantities are these that you need a 44-ton articulated automobile than that isn’t an issue. This could be required regarding big IT update tasks or website clearances.

Weee Pots

Simply small than the usual pallet. Huge duty plastic pot that is tough. The container is for keeping your spend fantastic electric items including CRTis, models, faxes, keyboards etc. It fills and it uplift to get a fixed-price


Liverpool recycling centre


We offer a whole small recycling service throughout Northamptonshire as well as the surrounding regions, including Corby, Kettering, Wellingborough and Northampton. We may also supply small recycling services through the remainder of the UK via our committed team of national motorists.

WEEE solutions that are recycling

We’ve more than 15 years A encounter supplying complete industrial recycle providers to customers as diverse as banks airfields corporate mind workplaces, handled structures, main authorities buildings and colleges.

Spend administration that is nearby. Having a powerful focus on recycle and segregation we try to reduce our clients fingertips expenses by decreasing spend likely to landfill’s quantity.

Case study

Organization BY creates lots of squander roughly 1,000 a year including a substantial quantity of presentation. The organization obtained and compensated eighty, thousand per year in spend expenses a refund of SEVEN, thousand about cardboard’s 200 lots that it reused. Spend administration that was nearby could boost the refund on pressboard therefore Organization BY obtained fifteen,thousand per year and overran the spend administration regarding Organization X. Nearby spend administration additionally applied attaining a recycle price of 80PERCENT recycle regarding alloys, pallets and materials and providing additional refunds of 52. The spend expenses of Organization BY decreased to 36,thousand per year, switching thousand online achieve, a 73,thousand internet price into roughly 25.





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